Luca Mari

Luca Mari

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Professor, Area di ricerca Ingegneria industriale e dell’informazione , LIUC Università Carlo Cattaneo


Luca Mari (MS in physics, University of Milano, Italy, 1987; Ph.D. in measurement science, Polytechnic of Torino, Italy, 1994) since 2006 has been a Full Professor of measurement science with Università Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC, Castellanza, Italy, where he teaches courses on measurement science and statistical data analysis, and systems theory.

In the international context, he was the chair of TC1 (Terminology) and the secretary of TC25 (Quantities and units) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and he is an IEC expert in the WG2 (VIM) of the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology (JCGM) (in this context he developed the software for the online browsing of the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM) and the International Vocabulary of Legal Metrology (VIML)). He was the chair of the TC7 (Measurement Science) of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO).

In Italy, he is currently chair of the Technical Committee CEI 1/25 “Terminologia, grandezze e unità” of Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano (CEI), the chair of the Technical Commission UNI-CEI 500 “Metrologia”, and a member of the Technical Committee CEI 085-66 “Strumentazione di misura, di controllo e da laboratorio”. He was coordinator of the research area “Metrologia” of the scientific society Gruppo Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche (GMEE).

He was the coordinator of the European research project (Horizon 2020) DiDIY, Digital Do It Yourself (Jan 2015-Jun 2017, 7 partners, 2 M€).

He was component the Editorial Board of the journal Measurement and of the International Programme Committee of the journal Metrology and Measurement Systems (Polish academy of sciences; Committee of measurement and scientific instrumentation).

He has served as scientific reviewer for the journals Acta IMEKO, European Journal for Philosophy of Science, Frontiers in Psychology – Quantitative Psychology and Measurement, IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation & Measurement; Measurement Science and Technology; Measurement; Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives; Measurement Science Review; Metrologia; Metrology and Measurement Systems; NCSLI Measure: The Journal of Measurement Science; Philosophy of Science; Proceedings of the Royal Society A (Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences); Program; Pure and Applied Chemistry; Quality & Quantity; Review of General Psychology.

At LIUC he was head of the PhD programme in “Integrated Business Management” (2008-13), the head of the Institute “Quantitative Methods” (2005-12), the head of the Institute “Technology” (2007-12), the head of the Research Group in “Management Science” (2014-15), the head of Lab#ID, a laboratory on RFId and IoT Systems (2008-16), and the head of SmartUp, a laboratory on digital manufacturing, including a MakerBot Innovation Center (2014-16).

He is currently the cultural director of idea.lab, a laboratory activated by a network of schools in 2017.

He is the author of about 150 papers published in international journals or in proceedings of peer-reviewed international conferences, editor of 10 special issues of scientific journals or scientific books, author of 7 educational books on information science and technology. His research activities cover different fields and are related to fundamental topics of measurement science and its relations to information science and technology, systems theory, information systems, e-learning. He is the designer and main developer of STGraph, a software engine for the simulation of dynamical systems.

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